Chester's Barbeque

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                                                                                            Catering Menu


        Meats                                      Vegetables                                                      Bread


       Baked Chicken                                    Baked Beans                         Green Beans                     White Bread

       Boston Butt (Pork)                              Collards                                Corn                                  Corn Bread

       BBQ Chicken                                       Macaroni and Cheese          Corn on the Cob              Rolls  

       Hamburger                                         Potato Salad                          Field Peas                           

       Hot Dogs                                             Butter Peas                            Lima Beans             

       Brunswick stew                                   Dressing                                Slaw          

       Liver                                                     Cabbage                                Sauce

       Fried Pork Chops                                Turnips                                                                              

       Neck bones                                          Black eye Peas                   

       Fried Chicken                                      Rice and Gravy                   

       Turkey                                                 Fries

       Meat Loaf                                            Yams

       Fish                                                     Squash and onions

       Finger Sandwiches                            Mashed Potatoes

       Chicken tenders                                Fried Okra

       Chicken salad/Tuna croissants       Pasta Salads                                

       Hot wings                                           Salads 





       Roast Beef




Dessert: Sweet Potato Pie    Pecan Pie   Buttermilk Pie   Banana Pudding     Cake


Drinks:          Tea                 Lemonade             Water


 Cups    Plates    Forks     Napkins    Condiments    (mustard, Ketchup, Lettuce, Tomato, Etc.)



Number of People: _____________


Date of the event: ______________                       Time: ___________           Pick-up, delivery, catered


Location of event: ___________________________

One Week advance notice preferred

1st ½ of total when order is placed

2nd ½ of total due on the day of event


Contact name____________________   Phone number________________ email address_____________________

                                                                                Will call or email