Chester's Barbeque

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Ribs                                                                                        Side Orders

$6.75 Tray (Ribs, Bread, Slaw, Sauce)                            Potato Salad $2.25

$16.50 Slab (Ribs, Sauce, Slaw, No Bread)                    Baked Beans $2.25

           {Cut or Whole}                                                   Brunswick Stew $2.50

$6.00 Tray (Chicken, Bread, Slaw, Sauce)                    Bread 15 cents/ slice

                                                                                    Collards/Corn Bread Muffin $2.5   

                                                                                     Macaroni and Cheese $2.25

$8.99 Ribs &Chicken Special                                       Homemade Slaw $2.25/cup

(Slaw, Sauce, Collards, Corn Bread Muffin)                  Homemade Sauce $2.25/cup

                                                                                    Sweet Potato Pie $2.50/slice

                                                                                    Homemade Banana Pudding$2.50/cup

                                                                                    Cake $2.50/slice    


Rib Tip Sandwich $4.50

Rib Sandwich $5.50

Leg Quarter $2.25



$3.00       Small                                    

$4.00      Large                                         


Hot Dogs- “Fixed The Way You Like`Em”                            Toppings

Hot Dog $2.00                                                                            Ketchup

Slaw Dog $2.50                                                                          Mustard

Foot Long $4.00                                                                         Onion

Foot Long w/Slaw $4.50                                                             Chili